Re/Building Bridges

We want to talk a bit about our theme for this first year of SALT: “Re/Building Bridges”.

Throughout this and many other refugee crises, people have had to upend their lives—often suddenly—to flee from oppressors in their home communities and cultures. Sometimes they stay within their own country, but often they travel with only the clothes on their backs to cultures wholly new to them. Some may be given the opportunity to return to their homes, but most won’t, and if they do, “home” is often much different than when they left.

Rebuilding is a major theme after any crisis, whether political, religious or climate-related, and can be just as emotional as physical. Houses and cities may no longer exist in much the same way as communities and relationships can have been destroyed. But rebuilding is something one does when they retain the foundation of whatever has been lost. Building from scratch is often what is called for when one finds themselves in a completely foreign new home.

We started SALT to serve the people who are doing both: Building their lives from the ground up here in Romania, as well as Rebuilding their homes and communities (both here in Romania as well as in Ukraine), though the latter may come much later.

We want to provide the tools both physical and emotional for people to bridge the divide between communities new and old.