About SALT

Sustainable Action for Leadership & Truth

an initiative for peace & reconciliation

SALT is a multicultural truth and reconciliation initiative. We are dedicated to building a new generation of leaders via the model of leadership through service, as taught by the historical person of Jesus. SALT focuses on Eastern and Central Europe as an ideologically segregated, ethnically and politically turbulent, but culturally and historically rich region.

SALT isn’t just an acronym for us. It’s life. Salt brings flavor, preserves and creates thirst. We strive to apply this metaphor to our program by introducing new perspectives from real life instead of theory and conjecture. In that way, we can prove the effectiveness of a broader world-view when applied to leadership scenarios.

Our Team

Tihomir Kukolja


Tihomir provides the platform and impetus for the initiative. His experience and direction make sure that SALT succeeds in its mission. As director, he also provides overall guidance and supervision of the initiative.

Liviu Bocănială


Liviu is in charge of the ongoing operations of the initiative. His knowledge and connections within the community are the ingredient that keeps the SALT programs running.

Camilla Bocănială


Camilla’s experience with applying and organizing ideas turns conceptual into an organized program. She makes sure that the various program ideas and elements flow purposefully and seamlessly.

Violeta Altmann


Violeta is an encourager at heart, with experience in administration, leadership roles, in training and communication. She will coordinate the applications and registration, and will maintain the communication with partners and participants.

Conrad Altmann


Conrad brings all of the information from the minds of the rest of the team into the visual spectrum. He makes sure that each aspect of SALT is visually and linguistically digestible and comprehensible to participants and stakeholders.

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